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Last update : 09/02/2024

Indicators :

# Rent prices / municipalities

# Land value (price m²)

# Insecurity statistics

# Location of doctors

New data integrated :

# Air quality (Ineris)

# Plots to be urbanized

# Climate simulations (DRIAS)


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# Improved mobile version

Live with global warming

Hot topic. Find in detail reference climates, future modeling and concrete consequences: heat waves, floods, coastline retreat, fires,

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Limit your exposure to pollution

Air quality, tap water and rivers quality, soils pollution, visual, noise, agicultural pollution, …


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Invest in real estate in the right place

Average price per m² per plot, rents, taxation, vacant housing, areas to be urbanized,


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Undertake / telework in the right place

Labor needs by profession and employment area, tax benefits by municipality, fiber access by building, …


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Live away from main risks

Natural risks (potential flood, marine submergence, landslides, swelling shrinking of clays, fire risk, etc.), technological risks (SEVESO & wasteland, ICPE & wasteland, etc.), insecurity risks (municipal and sub-municipal ), …


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Search a preserved environment

Sectors where the environment is preserved (PNR, Natura 2000, etc.), landscape, terroir and natural regions, …


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Access to local services

Transport (stations, motorway entrances, carpooling, bus stops, …), education (nurseries, schools, high schools, …), medical (doctors, dentists, pharmacies, …), proximity (supermarkets, bakeries, …), security (police station and gendarmerie, …)


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Observe local sociology

Income, voting, regional languages, …


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Discover the Premium offer

Move up a gear unlocking all the indicators and tools !

Compile your criteria

Eliminate incompatible areas on the map by selecting criterion by criterion, according to your priorities !

Test the accessibility potential

Simulate accessibility to local services from any address, on foot, by bike or by car !

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