Où vivre ?

Or how to support the residential strategies of the future ?

Web cartographic tools and a selection of updated and evolving criteria to compare your requirements with precise indicators, without intermediaries, without marketing, labels or rankings.

Decision support that does not replace humans, but allows you to save time, open up to unthinkable places and secure your choices.

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Application acces

où vivre explorer

Explore France

Discover every corner of the country thanks to the different targeted indicators and tools available to guide you !

où vivre dessiner

Draw your “ideal” France

Eliminate incompatible areas by selecting criterion by criterion, according to your own choices.

où vivre accessibilité

Testez le potentiel d’accessibilité

On foot, by bike or by car ! Be careful, we do not yet take road traffic into account!

où vivre voisinnage

Meet your futur neighbors

Comming soon…


The Project

What is it ?

Find the place to live that meets your criteria !

Employment, real estate, risks, climate, landscape, 4G, fiber, transport, services, sociopolitics, etc. ? Où Vivre brings together TARGETED INDICATORS and SIMPLE TOOLS to support you in your residential strategy.

où vivre application dekstop
où vivre application

Who is this for ?

Où Vivre is for everyone !

Urban, rural, students, families, retirees, ecologists, teleworkers… We also provide targeted content for local authorities, associations, researchers, real estate experts.

An ethical and collaborative project

Who we are and our principles

Financially and politically independent, the Où Vivre project does not resell your data, is completely transparent about the methodologies used and does not offer any label or paid rankings. In addition, our approach is collaborative and everyone can, for example, contribute to improving the application.

Our engineering company has been deploying cartographic applications in the field of environment, traceability and town planning for 10 years. For the “Où Vivre” project, we are bringing together skills in geomatics, “Big Data” geostatistics, communication and marketing.

où vivre plateforme collaborative

Où vivre Premium

Où vivre Premium allows you to access additional features and tools : more indicators, saving your searches, and much more… Discover the features offered by the premium version.


Our team is at your disposal to discuss with you.

You can contact us via the contact form below or directly at the email address communication@ou-vivre.fr.

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